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What are the types of electrostatic spraying?

The types of electrostatic spraying can be divided into pure electrostatic atomization and electrostatic atomization with additional energy.

1) pure electrostatic atomization

It is represented by the rotary cup type electrostatic spray gun. Rotary spray gun simple structure, not easy to block, easy to clean; Because it belongs to mechanical centrifugal electric atomization, for coating and solvent conductivity requirements are low (of course, conductivity is also better); Large effective area, high adsorption efficiency, greatly improve the uniformity of coating; After atomization coating meticulous, surface level, smooth. Suitable for simple shape workpiece. Telescopic paint

Its defect is the ejecting coating has a central hole, for the shape of the more complex workpiece spray more difficult, coating uneven or concave parts spray not on; Due to the different characteristics of the charged power of various pigments, so spraying a variety of pigments into the paint will appear uneven color phenomenon.

2) electrostatic atomization with additional energy

According to the different types of additional energy, it can be divided into two types: air atomization method and hydraulic atomization method. The blast gun and the portable electrostatic gun belong to the air atomization, they are with the help of compressed air and static electricity to make the paint atomization, so can spray the shape of more complex or larger objects. The three snake-shaped nozzles on the tornado spray gun can be adjusted, so it is more convenient to change the diameter of the coating, which can reduce or even eliminate the phenomenon of the coating center hole, and it is easy to get a more uniform coating. However, due to the volatile solvent in the process of air atomization, the coating is easy to produce orange peel and other defects, so the solution requirements are very high, such as the requirements of low viscosity and high solid content, good hiding power, solvent volatilization speed is slow, good flow performance. In addition, due to the air atomization pressure flow out of the charged paint particles out of the electrostatic attraction range, these particles can not be coated on the workpiece, thus increasing the loss of paint. Powder electrostatic spray paint

Hydraulic atomization is a combination of high pressure airless spraying and electrostatic spraying equipment. It is with the help of pressure will paint liquid pressure to a higher pressure range, and then from the nozzle hole ejecting, by high pressure paint spray into the atmosphere will immediately expand atomization.

Compared with air atomization, hydraulic atomization has better atomization state, large amount of spray, and high coating efficiency.

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