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Electrostatic spraying machine purchase skills

Spraying equipment purchasing skills

The tips for selecting electrophoresis equipment for non-automatic spraying equipment can be summarized as the following steps:

Step 1: first, understand the basic process of electrophoresis equipment coating

Step 2: understand what electrophoresis equipment is required for electrophoretic coating.

Essential electrophoresis equipment: electrophoresis tank, electrophoresis power supply (also known as "rectifying cabinet"), electrophoresis oven, electrophoresis ultrafilter, water bath, etc.

Electrostatic powder spraying equipment purchasing skills

Myth 1: the higher the spray gun voltage, the faster the powder, the better.

Problem analysis:

1. According to the basic physical principles of electrostatic spraying, when the charging voltage exceeds a certain value, the occurrence of "Faraday effect" and "deionization effect" will be intensified, which will further affect the powder rate.

2. High electrostatic voltage is easy to cause the phenomenon of tip ignition, easy to leave pinholes on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in poor apparent quality.

3. The phenomenon of high-pressure ignition will also increase the phenomenon of dust combustion in the spraying room.

Therefore, in the actual use of the process should be based on the characteristics of the powder, the characteristics of the workpiece to adjust the voltage to the appropriate stage to obtain a better spraying effect.

Myth no. 2: simple shape of the workpiece can use the performance of the worse gun. Telescopic paint

Spraying equipment purchase also need to pay attention to:

1. Stability of equipment quality

The working environment of industrial processing equipment is not the same as the electrical appliances at home, sometimes the environment is very poor, and often work continuously for a long time without stopping, so the stability of equipment is very important.

2. Technical service and after-sales service

Many customers need the guidance of technical experts with rich production experience to be able to successfully master the electrostatic powder spraying (electrostatic plastic spraying technology), and generally do not provide services in this regard, can only teach the use method to the customer. We will treat the user as a friend, to explain all the problems you encounter, to help you solve all the difficulties you encounter.

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