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What reason is electrostatic spraying quality not high

The use of powder coating has been recognized by enterprises and businesses, powder coating electrostatic spraying method spraying is also a good way, but sometimes spray out of the effect is not satisfactory, this is why? Electrostatic spraying powder today will tell why the quality of electrostatic spraying is low.

First, according to the operation requirements of powder spraying, the equipment should be used correctly, so as to improve the quality of spraying. The quality of powder electrostatic spraying depends on the quality of powder coating on the one hand, on the other hand is the use of electrostatic spraying equipment.

The second is the powder coating electrostatic spraying operating standards. If the operation is improper, there will be defects, there are three kinds of defects, one is spraying thin thickness is not uniform, and the color is not uniform, very rough; If the layer is too thick, the inner layer is not easy to dry, crust is the case; If electrostatic powder is coated too thin, it is not qualified.

Again, the spraying equipment. Electrostatic plastic powder spraying equipment in the operation is the direction and speed, the equipment should run and be sprayed surface parallel, otherwise the layer out of the spray is not uniform, the speed of course also want to smooth.

If it is high voltage electrostatic spraying, because it is high pressure, all the equipment mouth and the spraying object should keep a certain distance, the distance should not be too small, otherwise it will cause uneven spraying because of the strong impact. The head of the electrostatic spray gun should be perpendicular to the surface of the spray, and the width of the spray should not be too large.

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