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To improve the electrostatic powder powder rate to understand these points

When brushing electrostatic powder, dead corner position is very difficult to deal with, how to do can improve the dead corner of the powder rate? Electrostatic spraying powder to tell you.

One, particle size

There is a great relationship between the particle size and the powder feeding rate of the dead Angle. After processing, the particle size of the finally processed powder is at the most appropriate peak value and in a normal distribution.

Two, electrified auxiliaries

Electrostatic powder is composed of epoxy and polyester resin and other compounds, the dielectric constant of these compounds is very high, the electric field is easy to be strong electric field effect. If there is only one component of pure resin in the formula, the powder rate must be very good. In order to improve the dusting rate, the equipment manufacturers have made technical improvements.

Three, recipe

There are many factors that affect the powder rate, among which powder formula is an important factor. The main formulations in general powder include filler, resin and additives, in addition to the forward powder has a charge. Powder size should be controlled within 25 to 35 microns to achieve a good powder loading rate. In addition, the bending corner of the painted parts and the overall shape will also affect the powder rate, so there are many factors that affect the powder rate.

Fourth, the solution

There are two main methods to solve the problem of powder loading rate, that is, the electrification effect of powder and the shielding effect of Faraday cage.

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