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Jinling electronics introduces the use of electrostatic spray gun

As the major factories understand the advantages of electrostatic spray gun have let the supply department contact professional electrostatic spray gun manufacturers to consult orders, the traditional spray gun began to withdraw from the stage of painting industry. Recently I got a customer consultation electrostatic spray gun, how to use wei yu, in fact you don't have to worry about buy back to factory after the teacher will not use, then, after you first understand the electrostatic spray gun of the standard, will understand electrostatic spray gun and air gun is actually a usage, as long as strictly according to the operating instructions carefully to use the above a electrostatic spray gun will be your homework cook.

First, make sure that all the pipelines of the electrostatic spray gun are connected (the ground wire on the electrostatic generator should be connected) before use.

Second, put the oil pump suction pipe into the ready paint (return pipe to close) open the oil pump pressure is about 3Mpa;

Then open the ball valve of the white tubing connected to the oil pump of the electrostatic spray gun (after opening). Now the paint is on the spray gun.

Then adjust the air pressure of the ball valve (open) on the pressure gauge on the side of the electrostatic generator to 6Mpa (if you think the air pressure of the spray gun is too high during spraying, you can use the blue button on the side of the spray gun to reduce the pressure).

After opening the oil and gas of the spray gun, install the nozzle of the spray gun to adjust the atomization (make sure the atomization, oil amount and air pressure of the spray gun are all adjusted);

Finally, turn on the electrostatic generator power (set the static electricity to 60kv) and pull the trigger to see that the display is normal and it can be used normally.

You can refer to the above mentioned use method of electrostatic spray gun, please follow the instructions for safe operation, if you have any other questions, you can call tianchang jinling electronic. Spray machine electric main products are manual electrostatic spray gun, water paint electrostatic spray gun, automatic electrostatic spray gun, rotary cup electrostatic spray gun, DISK automatic electrostatic coating machine and automatic spray control system, if you have this need, might as well understand jinling electronics! We won't let you down!

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