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Don't know how to clean electrostatic spray gun? Jinling electronic teach you a move

Electrostatic spray gun is the modern 21st century wide use range, a common spraying equipment, the veteran injection master know how to cleaning and maintenance with the electrostatic spray gun can improve the service life of the electrostatic spray gun, this is why some electrostatic spray gun can use five or six years, are not bad in 78, accounting for a big factor of that is the correct cleaning and maintenance.

Next, I will teach you how to properly clean and maintain the electrostatic spray gun after using it. Pay attention to the need to clean the electrostatic spray gun after using it.

First, remove the nozzle, brush it clean with a soft bristle brush and soak it in the water, preferably in a plastic cup, and then blow it clean with compressed air.

Next, clean the spray gun, do not wash the spray gun body immersion in the solvent, to hand money, with a soft brush or cloth dipped in solvent carefully clean. (the spray gun should be hung on the hook frequently. When not in use for a short time, the power supply of the control box should be turned off. In addition, it should not be disassembled or dropped except for faults.)

Then clean the pump, turn off the air pressure of the spray gun, pick up the suction tray, and return the paint from the spray gun and pump to the tank. After cleaning, put the water into the washing gun for circulation cleaning. (if the paint contains hardener or PU oil, the spray water should not be recycled, only used once. Avoid curing agent generated by washing gun water and paint solidifying in oil pipe and oil pump. Turn off power switch, air pressure of spray gun and oil pipe switch before work every day. The water should not be reused when cleaning the coating containing curing agent. If not in use for more than 3 hours, return the oil pump and oil pipe paint and clean the paint or thinner in the back empty oil pump and oil pipe.

You can refer to the above said electrostatic spray gun cleaning method, concrete follow safety operation in the operating instructions, if you have any other question, can call tianchang jinling electric main products are electronic sprayer manual electrostatic spray gun, water-based paint, electrostatic spray gun, automatic electrostatic spray gun, cup-type electrostatic spray gun, DISK automatic electrostatic spray coating machine and automatic control system, etc., if you have this aspect demand, please see tianchang jinling electronic! We won't let you down!

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