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How to adjust electrostatic spray gun

How to adjust electrostatic spray gun?

Static spray gun looks very complex to outsiders, in fact, deepen the understanding of people will know that static spray gun is actually not difficult to operate, especially manual liquid static spray gun, easy to operate. There are often some customers who have not used electrostatic spray gun consultation, they generally care about whether someone will be home installation and debugging, because they have not used, think this is very complex.

Want to supply coating device to put coating above all, the standard viscosity of coating is 9, 30 seconds commonly but do not suffer certain limitation, start coating to supply device next, send coating to airbrush. With the air regulator for low pressure (1-3kgf), pump rotation, paint inhalation. The pump pressure shall be adjusted to about 0.5-2kgf/cm ^ 3 with the coating pressure regulating valve installed at the inlet and outlet of the pump.

Then adjust the atomized air pressure to 0kgf/cm ^ 3, do not eject air, pull the trigger, spray paint by the gun, paint hose if there is residual air, paint eject will be intermittent state, so from time to time until no air. Spray amount of paint conditioning gun behind the paint conditioner, rotating to the left to increase the spray, rotating to the right end of the spray stop. When resting, tighten the paint conditioner to the left so that it cannot eject or reduce the pressure of paint recommendation. Adjust the atomized air pressure to 2-4kgf/cm ^ 3 and pull the trigger to atomize the paint. Use the appropriate nozzle to adjust the atomized air pressure.

When using the flat blowing nozzle, the atomization air conditioning valve on the upper part of the nozzle body is usually used in left-rotation, switch state, according to the shape of the spray amplitude or particle state to stop the adjustment. Spray amplitude of conditioning is to spray gun left amplitude of conditioning valve stop, left rotation is large, to the right rotation is small.

When using the round blowing nozzle, do not use the atomization air recuperation valve on the spray gun, only use the spray gun left amplitude recuperation valve, usually left rotation in full open state to use, according to the shape of the spray amplitude or particle state stop adjustment.

Manual liquid electrostatic spray gun is not complicated, just follow the above instructions to stop adjustment, you can spray the desired effect.

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