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How to maintain electrostatic spray gun equipment?

It is best to lubricate the spray gun after work every day, and lubricate the parts with the light machine. Due to normal wear and wear, seals, springs, needle valves and nozzles must be replaced periodically. Replacement should be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions. Due to excessive oil will flow into the paint and oil channel, resulting in spray defects, so lubrication must be very careful, oil and paint mix will reduce the spray quality.

Do not soak the entire spray gun in the cleaning fluid for a long time. This will harden the sealing ring and destroy the lubrication effect.

For best patching results, different spray guns are used for different coatings and conditions. It is recommended that each person be equipped with four spray guns, one for primer, medium coating, one for finish, varnish, one for silver powder, and one for minor repair. If these airbrushes are kept in good order and cleaned, a lot of adjustment and cleaning time will be saved.

In order to be able to effectively make the electrostatic spraying equipment in good running and working state, the daily maintenance work priority is to ensure the normal operation of equipment, my department often receives the customer will be asking some problems on running of the automatic spraying machine, after a long answer to determine more than 92% of users are due to the daily maintenance and maintenance work is not good, resulting in automatic spraying equipment cannot effectively continuous operation condition, therefore, even under the condition of production work is very busy, also want to squeeze a little time you have to give the equipment to do the maintenance work, My department will introduce some of the most basic and effective maintenance methods to you:

A. If the air supply system of the spray cabinet is blocked or there is too much dust, the air filter cotton should be replaced in time.

B. clean the impurities in the spray cabinet before stopping the machine every day, and keep the spray cabinet clean.

C. It is necessary to open the oil filter behind the spray tank in about three days.

D. Clean the grease in the conveyor chain from time to time and add butter, which can play the role of lubrication.

E. The water in the pool needs to be replaced in about one week depending on the specific pollution situation, and the filter screen of the pump should be washed with water.

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