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Operation skills and daily maintenance of electrostatic powder spray gun

Powder electrostatic spray gun operation skills and daily maintenance

Electrostatic powder spraying is to atomize powder coating fine and evenly under the action of compressed air, depending on the action of high voltage electric field

It is an advanced coating technology which can be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of metal workpiece and solidified into film at high temperature. Powder spraying technology because of its superior

Sex, in recent years has been widely used in the automobile, home appliances, machinery, construction and other industries, in the continuous development

To meet all kinds of simple to complex workpiece spraying requirements. The powder electrostatic spray gun as a high-end equipment, also must be carried out

Regular operation and daily maintenance.

Preparation before spraying

A. 1

Before the preparation of powder spraying, the workpiece must be strictly

Pre-treatment (except oil, rust, phosphating), accurate suspension, good grounding;

A. 2

Start to check the air source of the system;

A. 3

Open the exhaust fan in the powder chamber to make the recovery system in working condition

State, the powder into the hopper or material box, start the fluidized bed, adjust the flow

Fluidization pressure to 0.3-0.7bar, fluidization pressure depends on the powder

And other factors that affect fluidization, such as humidity, temperature, etc. The powder rises with fluidized air, and the surface of the powder layer is only slow

Let it boil and bubble slowly. The powder should be fluidized for 5-10 minutes before spraying. Ensure that the spray gun is not triggered then

Power on the controller;

A. 4

Spraying personnel should wear appropriate work clothes, if possible, should use breathing equipment.

Use of powder spray gun

A. 1

Aim the powder gun at the powder chamber, pull the trigger and start the test spray.

A. 2

Adjust electrostatic high voltage, electrostatic current, velocity pressure and physicochemical pressure;

A. Electrostatic high voltage 60-90kv. High voltage is easy to cause powder rebound and edge pitting; Too low voltage is easy to make

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Low powder rate;

B. Electrostatic current 10-20ua. High current is easy to produce discharge breakdown powder coating; Too low a current can also cause it

Low powder rate;

C. Flow rate and pressure 0.30-0.55MPa. The higher the velocity and pressure, the faster the deposition of powder

Obtain the required coating thickness quickly, but if too high will increase the amount of powder and powder spray gun wear rate;

D. Atomization pressure 0.30-0.45mpa. Proper increase of atomization pressure can maintain uniform thickness of powder coating.

But too much can cause the powder feeder to wear out quickly. Appropriate reduction of atomization pressure can improve powder coverage

Ability, but too low easy to make powder feeding parts blocked.

Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust the spraying parameters of the powder gun properly, so as to improve the efficiency of powdering and maintain spraying

Effect and guarantee the service life of powder spray gun.

A. 3

Control spraying distance and spraying stroke.

A. During spraying, the distance between the workpiece and the nozzle should be between 150-300mm, if it is too close to the workpiece

Short circuit is easy to strike, resulting in a breakdown point on the surface of the coating, affecting the painting effect, too far away is not easy to adsorb on


B. Keep the gun perpendicular to the workpiece plane when spraying, otherwise the coating will be wasted;

C. Do not allow the airbrush to move in an arc motion. Move the operator's forearm and shoulder, not just the wrist;

D. Uniform forward and backward movement speed;

E. Leave no gap between top and bottom, but spray and miss spray.

According to the different spraying workpiece and spraying the actual situation, combined with the basic principles of spraying to determine the appropriate their own

Spraying technique.

A. 4


A. Press the blow button until the button starts to blow the spray gun until no more powder is blown out from the spray gun;

B. Press the button to close the airbrush and interface;

C. Cut off the power supply of the system and release the pressure of the system;

D. If the machine is shut down at night or for a long time, please put the switch of the power supply equipment in the OFF position to cut OFF the power of the machine

The source;

E. the spray gun needs daily maintenance.

Daily maintenance of spray gun

· 1 aim the spray gun at the spraying room and purge the spray gun. The powder deposit in the spray gun should be blown clean so as to be the best in the secondary spray

Avoid powder deposition and powder flushing to a great extent;


A. 2

Cut off the air source and power supply of the system;

A. 3

Open the powder feed hose joint, blow gun powder path;

A. 4

Disconnect the powder feeding hose on the pump;

A. 5

The consumable parts of the spray gun should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

A. 6

Purge the spray gun and wipe down the spray gun with a clean cloth;

A. 7

Some possible faults and solutions of the spray gun in the spraying process:

A. The flow of powder is not stable during spraying, and the spraying pattern is not uniform: 1) the reason is wear of the powder spraying tube -- replace the powder spraying

Tube; 2) blockage of powder tube or spray gun -- purge the spray gun and remove the nozzle for cleaning. Disconnect the powder feeding hose

The connection of the spray gun, using the air gun to blow the powder spray gun. Disconnect the feed hose from the powder pump and spray gun.

Purge feed hose. Replace the feed hose clogged with powder. Remove and clean the powder pump. Replace spray if necessary

Gun components;

B. Irregular and intermittent operation of the spray gun during operation: 1) switch fault of the spray gun -- the switch of the spray gun needs to be replaced; 2)

Poor contact of spray gun cable - check the contact status of spray gun cable, plug and socket;

C. Less powder spraying amount of spray gun during operation: 1) nozzle obstruction -- clean or replace the nozzle; 2) blockage in powder tube or spray gun --

Disassemble the spray gun for cleaning;

D. No powder coming out of the spray gun: 1) the powder supply pump, the powder in the powder tube is not smooth -- remove the blockage in the powder supply channel;

2) damaged o-ring of powder supply pump connector -- replace o-ring; 3) switch fault of the spray gun -- the spray needs to be replaced

The gun switch.

The above is just some of the faults of the spray gun during spraying. Due to the particularity of the equipment,

There are many different fault factors may exist, can not be listed, so for the daily maintenance and maintenance of the spray gun is very


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