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2019-09-24Electrostatic gun maintenance and maintenance

Recently heard a lot of customers do not know how to maintain electrostatic spray gun and maintenanc……[More+]

2019-09-24Don't know how to clean electrostatic spray gun? Jinling electronic teach you a move

Electrostatic spray gun is the modern 21st century wide use range, a common spraying equipment, the ……[More+]

2019-09-21How to adjust electrostatic spray gun

How to adjust electrostatic spray gun? Static spray gun looks very complex to outsiders, in fact, de……[More+]

2019-09-21Operation skills and daily maintenance of electrostatic powder spray gun

Electrostatic powder spraying is an advanced coating process that atomizes powder coating fine and e……[More+]

2019-09-21What are the types of electrostatic spraying?

The types of electrostatic spraying can be divided into pure electrostatic atomization and electrost……[More+]

2019-09-21What reason is electrostatic spraying quality not high

The use of powder coating has been recognized by enterprises and businesses, powder coating electros……[More+]

2019-09-21To improve the electrostatic powder powder rate to understand these points

When brushing electrostatic powder, dead corner position is very difficult to deal with, how to do c……[More+]

2019-09-21Jinling electronics introduces the use of electrostatic spray gun

As the major factories understand the advantages of electrostatic spray gun have let the supply depa……[More+]

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